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Cross Border Kitchens (CBK) is a food solutions company. CBK was founded by a group of friends who identified a gap in the market and embarked on a journey to build a scalable and replicable model that consistently produces and deliver high quality food across multiple cuisine types and customer touch-points.

We currently operate a community of multiple D2C multi-cuisine F&B brands in the delivery format through our kitchen network.


Our Brands

We operate seven scalable F&B brands belonging to different cuisines through our chain of cloud kitchens. Ranging from segmented Indian to pan-Asian and speciality format, CBK’s family of brands offer a holistic food ecosystem.

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Why Us?

At Cross Border Kitchens, we take pride in what sets us apart and allows us to serve you well each time you have a food experience with our brands or with our home catering service.

Operational Excellence

Proprietary techniques. Food consistency. Efficient kitchen layout. Health & safety. Training protocols.

Multi-Brand. Multi-Format.

7 Multi-Cuisine brands. Backend designed for national scalability in a multi-format system

Ethical Packaging

Recycled, reusable and eco-friendly
Supports native crafts

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Our pedigreed team of founders come from varied and highly experienced backgrounds. Individually they are a force to reckon with and together they are working towards a common goal to scale up our footprint.

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Our Processes

We have put together our multiple decades of experience from various disciplines to develop processes that allow us to continually produce and deliver high quality products across multiple formats.

Central Production

Production of all our key ingredients is managed within a temperature-controlled environment at our central facility. All our cooking processes are weighted, precisely timed, and constantly quality checked to maintain consistency and taste across every product and every brand. Our central production unit uses the best available technologies and highly trained staff to maintain the standards of our products.

Constant R&D

We believe in constant improvement and keeping up with the latest technology. We continue to work on new ingredients, food processing technologies, packaging, and more efficient ways to improve existing standards. We are firm believers in automation and artificial augmentation wherever possible. Our core model allows us the flexibility to venture into new cuisines and formats.


We cultivate non-cook cooks! CBKs well thought out training program methodically trains new recruits to learn the processes for creating and dispensing consistent and high-quality products for our customers. Our training program continues to evolve as we consider new automation, improved processes, and updated cuisines.

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