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Our Brands

Our fleet of brands bring you a delicious variety ranging from Indian, pan-asian to hassle-free single meals & biryanis. Each order is freshly cooked and packed with safety & health guidelines to deliver a
memorable experience.

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Biryani Central – Authentic Dum Biryanis

Slow cooked, delicious and distinct. With a passion for rediscovering time-honoured cooking methods, Biryani Central focuses on traditional culinary skills including slow cooking, chargrilling, tandoor cooking and the delicate art of dum. An ode to time tested processes, all Biryani Central biryanis are slow cooked and finished on dum in the specially crafted handis they are served in – a rare and difficult method to master. Not just limited to biryanis, the art of kebab making is a testament to the mastery of traditional moist heat cooking. All Biryani Central curries also pay tribute to the heritage of slow cooking, and to partner these delectable curries, our artisanal breads are baked to perfection in our signature dome tawas, and clay and iron tandoors. Lastly – the bespoke desserts prepared by our experienced halwais are a wealth of authenticity and flavour.

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BroMomo – Total Chindian

Indianised-Chinese food has stir-fried its way into our lives in an indelible way, and it’s this deliciousness that we are putting on your plate with our Chindian offering. BroMomo offers classic Chindian dishes ranging from a variety of momos to noodles, rice and curries, prepared to perfect Chindianess by our Chinese and Tibetan cooks.

The Meal Bowl – Single Meals ka  Adda

Office meetings, date nights, house parties, movie marathons, game nights, The Meal Bowl has you covered with its single meal bowls & boxes. The brands offers fulfilling and delicious single meals that cover a range of cuisines ranging from Indian to Chinese.

Nawab Ke Kebab

The brand has the widest selection of kebabs offering Kanpur specialties. Designed for bulk / party orders, Nawab Ke Kebab has a menu that offers incredible value on bigger portions. It houses over 20 varities of kebabs for vegetarians & non-vegetarians alike.

Pind Patiala

Pind Patiala is our ode to Punjab. We’ve created a menu that transports you to a typical Pind in Punjab. Food that is authentic, traditional, and created with minimal frills or fancies. From butter chicken, bhuna murgh, and tawa kukkad on the non-vegetarian side, to dal makhani, kadhai paneer, and rajma masala on the vegetarian side, our chefs have crafted dishes that adorn the typical Punjabi thali.

Irfan Bhai

The brand offers the richness & royalty of Lucknavi cuisine. You’ll find here the most unique and exotic curries that are decadent & made to indulge with. It has a menu which has been crafted and handpicked from the bylanes of the Nawabi city.

Biryani Affair

The house of regional biryanis, Biryani Affair is undeniable an indulgent love affair with India’s favorite Indian food in delivery format – biryanis! Ranging from Hyderabad to Calcutta, the brand has an immersive menu of most popular regional biryanis in the country.

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