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The Team


Ishita is the marketing genius and branding brain behind the brand. With over 18 years of experience growing some of the largest and most respected retail brands, like DLF Retail and Forest Essentials, she seamlessly manages marketing communication, brand aesthetic, and customer engagement.


She says, “there was a time when one needed to be big to dominate the airways. If you had enough money and an interesting idea you could monopolize the market. Today companies need to be fast and nimble. We are an experiential, service-led brand. Our core values are quality, delivery, and experience. A large portion of my time is spent speaking internally to our teams. They are the people who front end us. They are the one who delivers our experience. I spend a lot of time driving experience. That’s the key piece - focusing on the experience.”



With 20+ years in the banking, consulting, and legal fields, Mayank has a wealth of knowledge to draw on. He has also been an investor in the food and beverage industry, and his expertise in setting up systems and processes has been invaluable.

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